"TFN Optics" - to distribute the brand DKNY in the Russian Federation and Belarus

"TFN Optics" - to distribute the brand DKNY in the Russian Federation and Belarus

"TFN Optics", the exclusive distributor of sunglasses and frames, announces the signing of an exclusive agreement for distribution in the Russian Federation of the brand DKNY.

While still a high school student, Donna Karan began experimenting with clothing while working as a young professional at the designer Liz Claiborne.

In 1966, after graduating, she enrolled in New York's Parson's School of Design. But did not finish it, as in 1968, when she was in her second year, fashion designer Anne Klein invited her to work with her. But the sudden death of Anna Klein from cancer changed all her quiet plans. The death of the head of the House brought with it not only genuine grief, but also surprise: on her deathbed, Anna Klein bequeathed Donna to finish her last collection.

Coming to "finish the last collection," Karan worked for Klein for 10 years. In 1971, Donna became the main fashion designer of the House. Times changed, new ideas and concepts appeared in clothes, which every fashion House had to correspond to. Karan's work in this direction was deservedly appreciated by consumers: two styles proposed by the designer, "bridge" and "lifestyle", were very popular with the public.

In 1983, Dona decided to start own business and in the autumn of 1985 she presented her first collection. After the show, the press and buyers were unanimous in their opinion: Donna Karan resolutely enters the history of fashion, offering her own point of view — powerful, clean and innovative. Donna Karan Collection becomes a bestseller in America.

In just a few years, from a small Studio in the home living room, converted into a workshop, the brainchild of Donna turned into the world-famous Donna Karan New York Company. Today it employs 1540 people, almost 100 designers. The team is divided into nine groups. Each team has its own leader, but everything is under the control of Mrs. Karan. Donna thinks of employees as "her extended family."

Ms. Karan believes in the power of detail: "Details and accessories for me are sometimes more important than outerwear" and soon she begins to produce interior decorations, perfumes and eyewear.

And in the line under the brand name DKNY, Karan aims to convey the spirit and energy of New York, a metropolis where people of different nationalities live, and the models it offers have become a basic reference for casual clothing, marked by high quality design.

Sunglasses and frames are divided into three collections –

CITY NATIVE - the range consists of fashionable and modern forms, emphasizing the true style of DKNY. The rich colors and classic shapes that create the DKNY style will reveal your inner New York.

CONCRETE JUNGLE - the main feature of the collection is a combination of urban rhythms and a variety of styles, and the main trend is the transition of elements of asymmetric colors to vintage images.

IN MOTION - Collection will charge you with endless energy so as to keep up with fashion, inspired by the city that never sleeps. The collection combines two styles - street and sports.