"TFN Optics" - to distribute the brand PAUL SMITH Eyewear in the Russian Federation and Belarus

"TFN Optics" - to distribute the brand PAUL SMITH Eyewear in the Russian Federation and Belarus

"TFN Optics", the exclusive distributor of sunglasses and frames, announces the signing of an agreement for distribution in the Russian Federation and Belarus of the brand PAUL SMITH Eyewear.

Paul Smith is a brand known all over the world. At the age of 16, before Paul had any definite plans for the future or professional skills, his father arranged for him to work as a part-time worker at a local wholesale clothing warehouse in his hometown of Nottingham. The only thing Paul dreamed of at that age, was a career as a professional cyclist. However, his dream was literally shattered when 17-year-old Paul, riding a bike, was involved in a terrible traffic accident.

In 1970, with a small amount of money and the support of his girlfriend - Pauline Denyer (who would later become his wife), Paul Smith opened his first small boutique in Nottingham. Paul took sewing classes in the evenings, and Pauline, a graduate of the Royal College of art, helped him with everything. In 1976 Paul Smith organized a show of his first menswear collection under the Paul Smith brand in Paris.

Paul Smith takes an active part in the company's activities, remaining its driving force and key link. He is a talented designer and businessman. Today Paul Smith releases 12 collections: Paul Smith, Paul Smith Women, PS by Paul Smith, Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith London, Paul Smith Accessories, Paul Smith Shoes, Paul Smith Fragrance, Paul Smith Watches, Paul Smith Pens, Paul Smith Furniture and Paul Smith Eyewear. The collections are designed in Nottingham and London, and their production is mainly in England and Italy.

Paul Smith's boutiques around the world reflect the character of Paul and his collections: an easily recognizable "English" style, with unexpected and witty surprises. The stores are not selling only the collection of Paul Smith, but also a wide range of jewelry, books, works of art, antiques and countless interesting and just beautiful trinkets. Often they are presented together with rare antique works of art from the personal collections of Paul Smith.

Paul Smith's unconventional approaches to fashion design were also evident in his optical collections. Paul Smith is devoted to British traditions. He maintains clear lines, respects strict forms, prefers restrained colors of products. Already a classic was the combination of steel and plastic in one frame. This mix looks noble and elegant.

The logo of the company is a kind of bar code consisting of 28 (rarely 14) lines of different colors. This versatility of colors adjusts to the positive, convinces that life is full of rich colors, bright emotions and unique sensations. Worldwide the brand become famous with the advertising campaign in cooperation with the manufacturer of cars MINI.

Extraordinary experimenter Paul Smith is constantly looking for new approaches to create amazing collections of frames. Ease and ease, which are read in the products of the brand, in the hands of the master confidently take precedence over conservative fashion. The whole collection is unisex, which is suitable for both men and women and is made by hand at the factory of Cutler & Gross in Italy. The use of innovative technologies in the production, fresh design look and unique talent made the brand Paul Smith famous all over the world. And its founder and constant author was awarded a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the development of British fashion.