Urbanism philosophy and vivid individuality - these are sunglasses for men - expressive sportive design, rectangular shape of optical frames with clean lines made of cellulose acetate.

Pierre Cardin trademark appeared in 1950, when its creator, Pierre Cardin, took decision to work by himself and opened his own fashion house in Paris. 

In 2011, after 40 years of running business, Smith Optics trade mark became leader in the field of implementing innovations, aimed to make its business “green”.

Polaroid is a popular brand of optical frames and glasses. The name is a derivative of Polarizing Celluloid = Polaroid. The brand was founded in 1937 by a physicist and manufacturer Edwin Herbert Land. 

Gucci is one of the leading world luxury brands. Today Gucci also means elegant optical frames and sunglasses. 

In 2011 Tommy Hilfiger group of companies launched a project “The Preppy Point of View” within the frames of “Prep World” campaign.

History of the brand started in the beginning of 1990-s in London. The brand was founded in 1996 by joint efforts of designer of elite shoes, Jimmy Choo, and Tamara Mellon.